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Polígono La Nava D5, Tafalla (NAVARRA) SPAIN
EnglishEspañol(+34) 948 74 17 08
Polígono La Nava D5, Tafalla (NAVARRA) SPAIN

TACOI is an industrial manufacturing company specialized in delivering finished products. We manage every single phase of the product manufacturing process to such end. Internally, we are specialized in machining, welding and assembly operations.

We are a cooperative enterprise. Our organization is based on a highly committed staff focused on the constant improvement.

We are seeking loyal reliable long-term alliances with our clients, focusing all our human and technological potential to meet their needs.

Years Service



for our clients based on the shared study of their needs, with the target of getting a highly quality reliable supply.

"Diferent clients,
diferent solutions"


Our commercial policy is based in our successful results.

"We supply more than products,
we supply global solutions to our clients"


We are seeking to be closed to our clients to meet their needs and evolve together.

"Our main target is becoming our clients' allieds"


Knowledge, skills and CNC machinery to make different milling and turning operations.

Welding robot lines combine with rotary tables in our factory. Welding processes following the ISO 5817 Standard.

We complete our service including specialized assemblies and verifications according to the customer requirements.

Tacoi have a great skillfully human team to reach demanding goals, working with commitment close to our customers.

An engineering team with experience and an innovative culture helped with different types of software that allow us to satisfy our customer demanding requirements in an optimize way.

Real experience and knowledge in manufacturing, welding and assembly of parts to develop installations and projects that optimize customer´s processes.


Tacoi consider Quality as a fundamental value inside our whole organization, that allow us to achieve the customer’s satisfaction and guarantee the current and future development of our company reaching the growing and profitability goals.


Facing succesfully challenging projects together