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Polígono La Nava D5, Tafalla (NAVARRA/SPAIN)
EnglishEspañol(+34) 948 74 17 08
Polígono La Nava D5, Tafalla (NAVARRA/SPAIN)

Global Solutions


We provide Global Solutions for our clients based on the shared study of their needs, with the target of getting a highly quality reliable supply.



We are seeking to be closed to our clients in order to identify their current needs and to be able to adapt our company to satisfy them.




Evolve with the client

Our clients’ challenges to follow the market grow increasingly. Our company must evolve continuously in order to cooperate with our clients to reach their challenges.

Solutions that worked in the past could not work at present. Evolving together with our clients will allow us to build a future company able to adapt to an ever-evolving market.

Diferent client - Diferent solution

  • We provide customized solutions. Each client, each industry, has got different needs. Our challenge is to offer each one a personalized solution.


  • JIT, ISO TS, Complex Product, Customized Design




Build long-term customer alliances

Out main target is becoming our clients’ allied. We are not seeking the benefit in a specific business; we are seeking a long-term business relationship that gives advantage to both companies to constantly grow.



Our commercial policy is based in our successful results. We focus our efforts in getting satisfied clients which want to keep going trusting us.




"Not only we sell products also we bring Solutions"

We supply more than products, we supply global solutions to our clients

Product Total Management (see the following graphic with our main activities)



  • We are specialized in delivering to the assembly line We comply with all specific requirements of each assembly line stand (quantity of pieces, labels, packing distribution,…)
  • TACOI has experience in providing a sequencing service with parts in the same order of use (Just In Time).
  • We have facilities, procedures and experience to deal with exports and imports.


  • Additionally we count on our reliable suppliers’ collaboration to manage every single phase of the product manufacturing process to such end. It allows us to provide a global solution with our quality and cost guarantee.
  • Supplied Technology: Casting, Forging, Flame Cutting, Coating, Thermal Treatments …



In Production we are specialized in machining, welding and assembly.

Tacoi have an engineering team with experience and an innovative culture focused on:

  • Product Design for Client
  • Process-Tool Design
  • Projects Management
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